Arming Teachers is Not the Solution

Feb 28 2018
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In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting President Trump recently suggested that teachers be armed.  In a speech delivered to conservatives on Friday, Trump said our country’s schools need “people that can take care of our children” in schools.

While educators take great care of children every day, introducing more guns into the educational setting is not in the best interest of our kids.

In an interview with Fios1 News Sean Spiller, who also serves as NJEA Vice President, had this to say: “We shouldn’t be arming teachers.  I think we need to be looking at ways to prevent guns from getting into our schools, but more broadly as a society, prevent people from getting guns that shouldn’t have them.”

With regard to legislation Spiller said, “We’ve got to have elected officials who have the courage to stand up to the Trump/NRA policies and say we care more about our kids.”