Jan 03 2017

MESH, Inc. provides overnight respite for persons experiencing homelessness when temperatures are 25 degrees and below at 14 Midland Ave. Montclair, New Jersey. Overnight Respite doors open at 9pm admission ends at 11pm unless the person seeking respite i.. Read More

  • 03 January 2017
Feb 16 2017

As a NJ educator and Montclair resident, knowledge and diversity are important to our democracy and our society. I urge you, during the course of this month, to learn something new about a figure or time in our nation’s history that brought about change.. Read More

  • 16 February 2017
May 16 2017

As some of you may already know, The Montclair Community Pre-K publishes a monthly newsletter.  In it they aim to keep subscribers informed of community events, parenting resources, and ways to get involved in Montclair. Also, included in the newslet.. Read More