Sep 04 2017

On August 25, 2017, as we all know, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the east coast of Texas. Even though Harvey has completely run his course, he has left much devastation in his wake. Our hearts and prayers are with all those affected by this storm. In.. Read More

  • 04 September 2017
Sep 25 2017

As we all saw during many of the NFL games on Sunday, there is an ongoing debate about the appropriateness of athletes choosing to take a knee during the national anthem in an effort to call attention to an issue they are passionate about.   The acti.. Read More

Nov 03 2017

After almost eight long years, there’s finally a lot to be excited about for New Jersey’s future… and it begins with change. For starters, we need a change in attitude. While well-intended people have long disagreed with how to best move things forw.. Read More