“We The People”

Jan 17 2020
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Montclair Seniors Impress Judges at CGI Competition

On the evening of January 9, 2020, I had the privilege of serving as a panel judge for “We the People,” an inhouse competition between Montclair High School’s Civics and Government Institute’s Senior Class.

Panel judges also included Civics and Government Institute alums, current Montclair High School Teachers, Lawyers, Journalists, and Organizers.

We observed two groups of students who prepared their fourminute responses to a main question, followed by a sixminute question and answer period.  Both groups were well spoken and concise in their prepared answers and impressively prepared and thorough throughout the question and answer period.

The winning sections will comprise a final team representing Montclair High School and continue the competition on the state level at Rutgers University on February 6th.  Congratulations to the finalists and best of luck at the States!