Why I’m Excited for a Change

Nov 03 2017
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Montclair Third Ward Councilman, Sean M. Spiller with New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate, Phil Murphy.

After almost eight long years, there’s finally a lot to be excited about for New Jersey’s future… and it begins with change.

For starters, we need a change in attitude.

While well-intended people have long disagreed with how to best move things forward, we have seen too much of an atmosphere where those who disagree are demeaned and attacked.

Certainly, we see the same playbook being used at the national level, but as we have seen here at home, it doesn’t do anything to move our state forward. Too often, it turns people away from engaging at all on the important issues facing us. That hurts us all, because a successful democracy relies on engaged, empowered people working to achieve the things they believe in.

So, I’m excited for a civil conversation about how we invest in New Jersey residents and get our economy moving again. While many states around us have started to do well, we lag way behind. Now, we have an opportunity to close that gap and put NJ back in the leadership position we previously held.

I’m excited to end the corporate welfare that has enriched a fortunate few, but hasn’t trickled down to the rest of us. Even worse, it has starved so many important priorities and programs that we all rely on.

Enough of the higher tolls, increased fees, and other regressive rising costs that hurt New Jersey’s working families. I’m excited for a governor who will invest in our schools, thereby offsetting our property taxes. I’m excited for a governor who will work for college affordability, establish a public bank to re-invest in New Jersey’s small businesses and who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of all of New Jersey’s people.

I’m excited to vote for Phil Murphy on November 7th and I’m excited to do everything I can to help him succeed. We can’t take anything for granted. We have to work hard for what we believe in. I believe in what Ambassador Murphy stands for and where he will help lead New Jersey with input from all of us.

I hope many other New Jersey residents share my excitement and optimism about the future and will join me in voting on Tuesday for change, for progress and for a brighter future for all of us.